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Parents and The Mental Game of Sports

Friday, March 24, 2023

As a coach, I have seen how the mental game can make or break an athletes performance. But this is often an area that is overlooked by athletes, parents and coaches.

For an athlete to reach their full potential, it's critical that they have a strong mental game. For an athlete to have a strong mental game, it's helpful to have parents and coaches that can guide and support them.

As part of The Confident Athlete Program, Tami Matheny and I recently hosted a webinar on this topic, "Parents and The Mental Game: How To Help Your Athletes Mentally."

In the webinar we focused our attention on The Success Path from The Confident Athlete Program, were we discussed self-talk, body language, visualization, and preparation as they relate to building confidence. These are key components of the mental game that will help an athlete have more confidence and reach their full potential.

Athletes put a lot of time, effort and energy into the physical aspect of their sport, but if they want to reach their full potential they have to realize that the mental game is just as important. Not only is it just as important, it's often the differentiating factor between good and great athletes. That is why it is so important for parents and coaches to understand how to support their athletes in building their mental toughness.

The "Parents and The Mental Game" webinar will give you valuable insights and tools you can use to help your athlete develop a powerful mindset, extreme self-confidence, and reach their full potential

Get access to the webinar here >>>

But that's not all! By knowing how to support your athlete's mental game, plus registering them in The Confident Athlete Program, you'll be taking a significant step in helping them to excel in their sport and in life. The Confident Athlete Program has proven to be successful in transforming athletes' mental game.

The mental game is a crucial aspect of sports that should not be overlooked. Join the "Parents and The Mental Game" webinar to learn how you can support your athlete in their mental game and reach their full potential. Then register them for The Confident Athlete Program as you invest in their athletic success.

Don't wait, take action now, and help your athlete become the best they can be.

The Confident Athlete Program

develop a powerful mindset, extreme self-confidence, and reach your full potential!

you put a lot of time and effort into the physical aspect of your sport. The mental game is just as important and separates the good from the great athletes!

Jeff Heggie and Tami Matheny have joined together to create The Confident Athlete Program!

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Parents and The Mental Game of Sports

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