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The Confident Athlete Newsletter #04 - December 2023

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

The Confident Athlete Program Newsletter

Jeff Heggie and Tami Matheny have shared some incredible resources with the members of The Confident Athlete Program. In this newsletter we share some of those tools and resources so that you can start implementing them today. We also share our Most Incredible FREE Gift Ever!

December Confidence Calendar

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Conquer Your Fear of Failure

In our recent Confident Athlete Program masterclass, we discussed the strategies that you can use to conquer your fear of failure. You can watch this important masterclass at the link below:

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Vision Boards for Success

In the pursuit of achieving sports greatness and personal success, visualization is a powerful tool. Have you explored the concept of vision boards? These visual representations of your goals can ignite your motivation and drive towards athletic triumphs. Discover more about the effectiveness of vision boards and how they can transform your mindset in our exclusive article within the membership area. Dive into the insights and unleash the potential of visualization to elevate your game and surpass your athletic aspirations!

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100 Miles!

This month we have been talking with the athletes a lot about having definite goals and plans to achieve them. We've talked a lot about the importance of visualization as well as overcoming adversity when you're trying to achieve greatness.

In our recent group coaching call, Coach Matheny shared an inspiring story of her journey over the past year which included goals, vision, adversity, and more.

We want to congratulate her on her recent Century Race that she completed! Yes, that's 100 Miles! 


Tami Matheny Confident Athlete 100 Mile Bike Race JDRF Improving Lives Curing Type 1 Diabetes

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Ali Boma Ye!

Muhammed Ali is a great example of someone that believed in himself.

In the 1974 World Heavyweight Boxing Championship, Rumble in the Jungle, Ali was challenging George Foreman, the reigning World Champion. At age 32, Ali was considered a huge underdog to the seven years younger Foreman.

Foreman had been crushing all his opponents. No one thought that Ali could beat Foreman. In fact, even Ali’s own trainers and coaches thought that Ali was going to get destroyed against the seemingly unstoppable Foreman.

Before the match, Ali’s dressing room was like a morgue. When Ali noticed that everyone was down, he turned to them and said, “What is the matter with you? Why is everybody so unhappy?”

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Stayed tuned for January ’24 for the athlete version of Challenger Deep featuring another Ali story along with 29 other famous athletes.

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Pathways to Greatness

Jeff Heggie Pathways to Greatness Podcast - The Confident Athlete Program

Jeff Heggie, Tami Matheny, Tony Miglio, and Jackie Pollina talk about the mental game and how it applies to both sports and academics.

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Talk to Yourself, Don't Just Listen

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