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Step 1:

Watch this video [18:36] and listen to Kenny tell his story about the business, the products, and why he got involved. This video highlights Kenny's unique approach to this business—a strategy focused not merely on selling a product but on identifying and nurturing top-tier talent. Our vision is about building an outstanding organization, which is what got me excited about getting involved. By watching this video, you'll gain valuable insights into our methods and ethos, understanding how we're creating a community of exceptional leaders and achievers.

After watching this video, if you feel that you are a good fit for the type of leader we are looking for, hit the "Next Steps" button below where you'll be able to watch a couple more short videos that teach more about the company and our impact.

​*Most important, you can always reach out to me at jeff@jeffheggie.com if you have questions or would like more details.

Step 2:

the dōTERRA Origin Story...

Where It All Began

Watch the "dōTERRA Origin Story" video [13:27] and the "Co-Impact Sourcing" video  [5:45]

dōTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing

Step 3:

Learn About the Business...

The next step is for you to learn more about the compensation model. dōTERRA's unique compensation model is one of the reasons I joined the business. Click on the button below to learn about the incredible compensation model. 

Important Note:

As you learn more about joining our team and this opportunity, you can always reach out to me directly for more details at jeff@jeffheggie.com. However, if it was one of my team members that directed you to this page, please reach out to them first and let them know that you're ready to join!

*Dollar figures displayed are for illustration purposes only. Average earnings are less. Please see the doTERRA Earnings and Income Disclosure Statement for typical earnings.