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7 Levels Deep - The Power of Knowing Your True Why

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

In our pursuit for success, whether it's in sports, business, or your personal life, our true motivation often lies deeper than our superficial purpose behind our goals. This is exactly why discovering your true 'why' is so important. It's the driving force that sustains momentum in the face of adversity, it fuels our passion, and guides our choices and decisions. When we can align our actions with this deep-seated purpose, every challenge becomes surmountable, and every effort gains significance. The journey to uncovering our true 'why' through the 7-Levels Deep process, is not just a path to understanding ourselves better but a transformative experience that will reshape your approach to your goals and ambitions.

In my work with athletes and entrepreneurs, I've found the transformative power of understanding one's deepest motivations and desires. This is where the 7-Levels Deep process, a method I learned from Dean Graziosi, becomes invaluable. It's more than just a technique; it's a pathway to discover your deepest 'why'.

Most people think they know their purpose, or why, behind their goals. But after going through this process they discover that there is a deeper, more powerful reason to achieve their big goals.

This process starts with identifying a goal and asking, "Why is this important to me?" The journey through the seven levels is an introspective one, each level asking "why" again, based on the previous answer. The initial layers often reveal surface-level reasons, but as you delve deeper, you uncover more profound, emotional truths tied to your core values and beliefs.

By the time you reach the seventh level, you find your true driving force – an emotionally charged, deep-seated reason that guides your actions. This discovery aligns your life with these motivations, infusing your actions with passion and purpose.

For the athletes and entrepreneurs I mentor, this process has been a game-changer. It helps them align their efforts with their deepest values, ensuring every step they take is in harmony with their true purpose. The clarity and motivation this process brings is transformative, turning dreams into achievable goals.

So, to anyone embarking on this journey: be honest, open, and ready for self-discovery. Embrace the power of knowing your 'why'. It will transform your life, aligning it with a purpose that ignites passion and drives success. Remember, the journey to discovering your 'why' is ongoing, but each revelation brings you closer to the essence of who you truly are and what you're meant to achieve.

How does the 7 Levels Deep process work?
​Below is a guide, along with a video training I've developed for the athletes in The Confident Athlete Program

  • What is Your Goal: Identify your goal and ask why it's important to you. Your first answer will likely be at the surface level.
  • Probe Deeper: Keep asking 'why' based on your initial answer. This will help you dig deeper into your real motivations.
  • Repeat the Question: Continue this process, peeling back each layer of your response to reveal deeper motivations.
  • Look for Patterns: Around the forth or fifth level, patterns in your responses start to emerge which are tied to your core values and beliefs. At this point you will feel like you've discovered a much deeper why. It's important to keep going through the seventh level.
  • Emotional Connection: As you go deeper, the reasons become more personal and emotionally charged.
  • The Seventh Level: Here is where you'll discover your true 'why' - a profound, emotionally-driven reason that is your ultimate motivator.

The 7-Levels Deep process is not just about achieving your goals. It's about finding the inner strength that will carry you through life's ups and downs. It's about discovering your true purpose in why you are doing what you are doing.

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