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Blaine Pederson - World Champion Steer Wrestler & My Mentor

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Blaine Pederson
Canadian & World Champion
Steer Wrestler,
And My Mentor


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In 1982 Blaine Pederson won the Rookie of the Year aware and also his first Canadian Steer Wrestling title. Blaine also competed in the Calf Roping and Team Roping but it was Steer Wrestling that he really excelled. 

Blaine was a 15X Canadian Finals Rodeo qualifier and a 5X National Finals Rodeo Qualifier.

Blaine won four Canadian Steer Wrestling Championships, two Canadian High Point Championships, The Calgary Stampede $50,000 Title in 1988 and in 1991. He was twice the NFR Steer Wrestling Average Winner. In 1994 he captured the World Champion Steer Wrestling Title!

I was fortunate enough to Blaine's circle of influence early in my rodeo career. As you will hear in our interview, he was a mentor to me for many years and I'm proud to be able to count Blaine as a friend!

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