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Brent Coppieters: How I Became Russell Brunson's Partner

Sunday, July 03, 2022

The Jeff Heggie Show #04 - Brent Coppieters: How I Became Business Partners With Russell Brunson

“You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with”
Jim Rohn


“You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with”

How true is this statement? If it’s true, what areas of your life does this apply to?

It is true, and it impacts every area of your life.

It impacts your career, your wealth, happiness, goals, relationships, physical condition, and attitude.

You become who you spend your time with… Proximity is Power.

We want our kids to have good friends that are a positive impact on them. Why? Because become like those they spend time with.

In Surround Yourself With Greatness, Chad Lewis says, “It is vital to surround ourselves with good friends as it is for a fish to live in water, especially in our teenage years. It is critically important to our lives, our future, our health, and our safety to be around positive influences, people who don’t tempt us but rather help us make good decisions. A friend who sees the good in us and encourages us to be our best self is worth more than his weight in pure gold.”

It’s no different for us in our adult lives. Our happiness and success is dependent on who we choose to surround ourselves with.

Look at the people around you.

Are they more successful than you? Are they positive and excited about the future? Are they goal orientated?

Where will they be in twenty years? Is that the direction you want to be headed in?

The people that you surround yourself with are either pulling you up, or they are dragging you down. Which is it?

Who do you want to become?

What goals do you have?

Who are the five people you spend the most time with?

Are those five people helping you to become closer to these goals? Are they encouraging you, or are they telling you to stop dreaming?

Do you like to share your big goals and aspirations with these people because they get excited with you?

Or, do you avoid talking about your goals because you don’t want to hear their negativity. “You can’t do that. Stop dreaming so much”

I have a mentor and business partner that I love to spend time with and talk to because every time we talk his optimism and energy is contagious. Just having a visit feels like a pep-talk and I feel like I’m ready to take on the world.

In contract, compare that to those that are always negative and pessimistic. What’s the difference in feeling you get from those conversations?

In this episode of The Jeff Heggie Show, Brent Coppieters shares his story of how he met Russell Brunson and built a genuine friendship that eventually became a business partnership in an incredible company that they have built, Clickfunnels.

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004 Brent Coppieters and Jeff Heggie

Podcast Transcript

0:05 [Music]
0:12 all right hey this is Jeff Heggie of Jeff Heggie Coaching, and i'm excited today to have Brent Coppieters with me
0:17 now brent and i go way back to a little southern Alberta town and you know it's it's interesting I
0:24 actually just looked it up i had heard you know i knew after he served a mission for our church that
0:30 he had moved back to Idaho and over the years i kind of heard a little
0:36 bit of what he was doing and i just looked it up it was on in november of 2018
0:42 i got my first copy of expert secrets and i looked in the front and yeah he
0:47 was in the acknowledgements and i sent him a message and then it was uh may of 2020 i sent
0:53 him another message said hey i just built my first funnel and so i've i've heard a lot of what
0:59 what he's been doing and kind of behind the scenes sort of way
1:05 but i'm excited today to be able to actually sit down and have a conversation and hear more about your story so tell
1:12 us a little bit more about yourself and then we'll kind of go from there yeah hey thanks jeff appreciate you
1:17 uh having me here and and uh no super super excited to chat with you you've done a lot of great stuff and
1:24 um it's been uh it's been cool to kind of see the you know these these kids you know from
1:29 from small town small town canada and uh the opportunities that that we've been afforded
1:35 and uh super grateful for that so yeah like i said uh you know grew up in Raymond and and uh
1:42 you know i think the the cool thing about Raymond is you know it's a it's a town that gets surrounded by a lot of really good
1:47 good people and you know instilled in a lot of us that you know the our work ethic
1:54 and i think you know attribute a lot of success that i've had and again looking at other people who've just really done some cool stuff and
2:00 it's it's probably based on on that um that work ethic that was driven home as a kid but uh yeah
2:08 um got an opportunity to serve an LDS mission here in in the Idaho boise mission
2:13 was here for a couple years just really really loved this boise area had never really spent time here growing up at all
2:20 you know when we travel we travel to Utah to see friends but you know kind of just went through the i kind of called the armpit of Idaho a
2:26 little bit it's just like eastern Idaho is not like not like the boise area at all and uh it's so we you know so that's the
2:33 kind of that's only part Idaho had really seen you know rexburger or uh a pocatello and uh we got a chance to
2:40 serve in Idaho boise mission and um just met some really great good people and the weather was was
2:48 warmer more temperate over here in this side of the state and um just to kind of see really cool boise
2:54 was really cool cool town um you know fast forward to i ended up meeting my wife and and uh we
3:01 got married got married in canada lived there for about a year and then realized hey let's get back to get back to Idaho and so i applied and
3:09 got to boise state university and uh you know i had little immigration issues initially coming down and
3:15 i mean to the point that i had applied for for a permanent residency because my wife but i had applied in
3:22 canada and but i also applied for a student visa so i get back to get down to school and
3:28 little did i know you can't come into the us under two different visas i'd already applied for a permanent
3:33 residency and anyway so it was a mess and it was it was frustrating we got my my dad was there we had a
3:40 trailer full of stuff to move into our apartment boise and got turned around to the border and anyway it was just just kind of a
3:46 cluster there for a little while but um you know six months later got to get down here
3:52 um started school had a really good time uh at university i majored in communications and
3:58 uh through that process just my wife and i were working just kind of doing little odds and his jobs as while we were going
4:04 to school and uh i met this actually through church i met
4:11 my business partner now Russell Brunson and and uh he was just kind of doing little things
4:16 kind of tinkering on the internet and had a little software he was selling at the time and again little did i know i had no idea
4:23 what the type of volume he was doing i i was talking to a mutual friend of ours at the time and
4:29 he he knew a little bit more about Russell's business he was kind of working doing some work with Russell and he kind of shared with me some of the
4:35 stuff some of the volume that Russell was doing and like it blew my mind i mean here i am
4:40 you know i think i was a junior at boise state Russell was a senior at boise state [Music] and i think he was doing you know
4:46 quarter of a million dollars like as a senior in college and like i was like that was that's more
4:52 money my parents have made combined you know their whole life like this is like you know i i literally went to when i
4:57 found that out like i couldn't sleep i was like i was just blown away at how how has he done this you know how does
5:03 he figure this out like is this legal you know what is he doing and um ended up we invited he and his wife over for for
5:10 dinner on a sunday i'm like man i i just got to pick your brain a little bit and and uh he had just really developed a really
5:17 good friendship and uh anyways it was a little bit after that we were talking a bit more he's like man
5:22 you should just come and start work with me and we're doing some really cool stuff and and so um i was like yeah i i
5:29 was just finishing uh my undergrad at boise state and so i started working with Russell uh it was it was 2006
5:35 and i just came on board and didn't know what i was doing i started as as an affiliate relationship manager
5:42 so i was i was part of my job was reaching out to folks in our space and asking them to help support our our
5:49 products and help sell our products and so um that's what i was doing on staff at that time
5:56 you know there was probably there was probably like maybe eight or ten people um we were
6:02 just just little and we were just kind of just you know russell was creating offers and 6:08 we're just throwing things against the wall see what would stick and a lot of information products coaching products
6:14 uh at that time and uh you know we uh it's actually
6:20 applied for grad school i was i was going to be a marriage domi therapist that was so i actually applied and got
6:27 into idaho state university they had a campus here in the boise area so uh that was a plan i got in and and
6:34 started that program same time i was working with russell and i remember distinctly i went on a business trip with russell he was
6:40 speaking at a a a event called big seminar with armand morin and uh we were in atlanta and russell
6:48 got on stage and he spoke for about 60 minutes and and at the end of the day at the end of his presentation he had an offer of a
6:54 coaching program he sold to show people kind of what he was doing how he was generating his income as
7:00 on the internet and i think he he sold like i think he made like 90 thousand dollars in you know at that pitch and i was like
7:08 again one of those like moments you just kind of just blows your mind you know we had people run to the back of the room and asking for an order form and filling
7:15 it out and we're hand those order forms out as fast as we can and collecting them and uh on the flight back i remember
7:21 just talking russell like man this is just insane it's just insane what you're doing and
7:26 and the cool thing about it he's helping people right like people were were jumping in there they were implementing something she was teaching
7:32 they were building their own entrepreneurial businesses and having success and um
7:37 at that time he he was put to pressure me man you just you know put that school thing on hold and just come let's just focus on this
7:44 and let's let's build something really cool and and uh i came home and i was talking to my wife
7:49 about it and you know just i recognized the the the the opportunity
7:54 to leverage the internet you know the the fact that you know you know you can be in one place but the
7:59 internet it's around the world and again i think at that time it's you know post the dot-com bus and
8:05 there's a lot of people still just trying to get into it and dipping their toes in the internet and how they can
8:11 uh you know generate income from from using the internet um you know e-commerce wasn't quite what it was you know definitely what it's
8:17 like today but um again it was kind of the wild west a little bit there
8:22 and anyways i i put my master's i did a year of my masters and i put that on hold and
8:28 and uh haven't looked back since since then um again that was that was about 2000
8:34 2007 2008 when i was finished with that it's awesome now i
8:39 you'd mentioned russell i don't know if you mentioned the name it's click funnels is what we're talking about here
8:45 um but yeah and so we can i mean anyone that knows russell
8:51 or knows click funnels you know you hear everything from the potato guns all the way up to where they are now
8:58 but there was a period where things weren't going they weren't going
9:04 well and i know you're part of the team at that time do you want to talk a little bit about that
9:09 yeah yeah um yeah that's that's a that's a tough part of the story you know it's
9:15 you definitely you you like to look for the the positives and the peaks but there's definitely those valleys and we had we had hit uh i think
9:22 it was about 2008 roughly on 2008 when um we were we were again doing some different
9:28 coaching consulting and um a lot of the the the merchant processing
9:33 uh stuff there was i think some government regulation kind of kicked in and and a lot of immersion processing so you
9:39 know the ability to charge credit cards and whatnot uh really came under scrutiny um you
9:44 know ftc was and unfortunately there was again part of the wild west there's a lot of a lot of garbage out there
9:50 too and people who were who were not doing things honestly and and very very well and so it kind of
9:56 just the whole industry got really scrutinized and and unfortunately we kind of rented that
10:01 you know we were kind of classified in that same type of group and so 2008 i remember working in the office in
10:07 boise and and all of a sudden one of our developers like hey like payments you know we payments aren't
10:13 processing and also we started getting customer support uh issues and questions and people say hey
10:18 i'm trying to purchase a thing it's not going through and uh you know we reached out to our
10:24 our payment processor at the time and they said sorry we had to we had to freeze your account and and uh
10:30 anyways i mean russell's he tells a story and he we were jumping on phone calls with phone calls trying to find out what
10:36 and why and how and and what can we do to reverse that and they're like sorry we can't do anything right now and so
10:42 again not only could we not process payments we had we had a large floor of sales teams so
10:48 at that time we had um you know again we had these kind of free dvds that had just the general general information
10:55 marketing information that people could essentially sign up for free and part of the model was um when they signed up for those free dvds
11:01 and we there would be a lead that our sales team would call and and try to upsell them into a higher end coaching program and
11:07 you know give me like 60 guys on the sales floor that was just like just busy cranking on calls we had a coaching
11:12 team who was doing fulfillment on that and it just stopped like we couldn't take any more payments we couldn't
11:18 we couldn't process payments and also we started guys were just bailing left and right like it was it was crazy
11:25 um i mean it was it was a dark time we we came back and we weren't sure what we're gonna do
11:30 um you know again some people you know had had to leave and go you know go do something else um
11:37 now you just uh you know knowing Russell so well and knowing that you know where we what we've grown to at
11:43 that point i just had this like deep faith that we'll figure it out and it was it was hard it was right before
11:48 Christmas and and Russell you know he tells the story about him being at home and just you know
11:54 having to have you know just sick knowing this right before Christmas and we can't process payments like i can't
11:59 i can't prove paychecks for people and and so um unfortunately a lot of people had to do
12:04 something different and and i talked to my wife and we just you know i just can't Russell say dude like
12:09 we'll let's we'll figure it out like i'm here let's figure this out and uh you know a few other people who
12:14 were who were still there and um but you know i remember sitting in the bankruptcy attorney offices Russell
12:20 thinking like we're in this we have this big space this office space that you know it was like things like 20 25
12:26 000 a month it was like their a rental on that and we couldn't pay that we didn't have the money to pay that and so
12:32 um i mean russell russell went and had a meeting with the land the property owner where we were at and
12:38 just said hey i'm sorry we can't make this work and you know with the with the attorney with
12:43 him on us at his side the attorney helped help the case and uh thankfully
12:48 those guys kind of let us just walk away but we had again i was like on the phone i'm just trying to just get rid of stuff
12:54 office supply stuff just getting rid of it because we needed to get out of that space um but it was uh yeah that was a super
13:00 super hard time um i ended up my wife and i we ended up taking about a 50 pay cut just to like just just you know
13:08 just we just knew that man we there was a hiccup right now but we can get back on our feet if we just
13:13 keep keep going and keep working and thankfully we did yeah you know and people look at a
13:22 company like click funnels and just see all the greatness and all the great things they've done and
13:27 how how they've grown but there there are those stories too that you can learn a lot from 13:32 um just thinking as you're talking about that i mean for our listeners i'm i'm just making the assumption that
13:39 everyone knows Russell Brunson everyone knows Clickfunnels and stuff share with us what Clickfunnels does now
13:45 and and what what your role right now is too yeah
13:50 you know thanks so we uh so Clickfunnels you know Clickfunnels was created you know we're we're a software we're a
13:57 sales funnel building software i mean really simply uh you know people who use us as a as a landing page software right
14:04 now um what what makes us different is is the sales funnel which we really
14:09 feel like we've really crafted um you know meaning you know people come to a website you know we kind of described
14:14 sometimes just basic websites as brochure websites you know people show up there they click around about us and
14:20 that's what they do or they order one thing well a sales funnel if you do it correctly is it's you know it's several different
14:26 landing pages you come to and and depending on the action someone takes you know you can again upsell them
14:32 to the next next offer um we have a one-click upsell so essentially you sign up for for again
14:38 sign up for software and you're gonna see some different offers that complement that initial offer or if
14:44 you say you know i'm not really interested then there's some down sells downside processes and but again the cool thing about clickfunnels is you can
14:49 build it all all inside our our app uh we have an easy drag drop editor that makes it really 14:54 easy to be able to go in so so you don't have to be a tech wizard to be able to use our software
14:59 um but we built it out of our own necessities we were as we were you know we launched click funnels um
15:07 what the summer of 2014 about fall 2014 and uh we we built it really for our own
15:14 purposes just we were tired of having to pay web developers to go in and make adjustments you know to upload a
15:20 video or to change a date on on a website and so we built clip funnels but um
15:25 you know but russell brunson you know he had this vision and todd dickerson are the co-founder
15:30 um i mean the story of how we you know russell connected with with todd again one of those one of those moments where
15:35 you kind of feel like you've been led um you know whether you believe in god or or whatnot you know russell out of
15:42 desperation sent an email to his list asking if there's anybody who knew ruby on rails and
15:47 i mean todd todd dickerson who is a brilliant awesome guy uh great great guy
15:54 uh responded that email and so anyway todd built built clickfunnels he's a developer
15:59 just an amazing amazing developer bill clickfunnels russell obviously the marketing and behind click funnels so yeah we launched about 2014
16:08 um it's uh we've we've helped you know we've got about 140 000 current users of
16:13 click funnels our software um i've been i've been fortunate to wear as a small business you know kind of
16:18 wear a bunch of different hats growing up uh lately i i managed several of our teams um i helped with business development so
16:25 i've got some sales aspects under my team i've got our high end coaching that i manage i'm
16:31 i'm going to be working with our customer support as we continue to elevate that experience for our users so i kind of but i've done hr i've done
16:37 operations i've kind of worn many many hats as as uh you know we didn't know we didn't know if it would be successful
16:43 you know we launched it we're like man again we launched it for ourselves and pretty soon people are asking what we're
16:49 doing and what we're using and and if they could if they could use it too and and so we we ended up creating as a software as a
16:55 service and uh it's thankfully yeah it's it's been doing pretty well
17:01 yeah it's awesome and you know i and i'll put in the show notes i'll put links and stuff so everyone can see what it is but
17:08 i mean just as my own example at any of the links you see in there are going to go through click funnels
17:15 um you know so with clickfunnels or with the business now what is
17:23 you know because you've got you've got the software you've got the programs you've got so
17:29 many different aspects is the software the biggest part of your business
17:34 uh it is uh it is and um you know we continue to grow and and
17:40 iterate with what we're doing but you know we we've added yes some complementary things like like coaching because people are like hey that's cool
17:47 i got you know i got the software but you know man i extremes help in in in growing it just
17:52 as you're in coaching like you know people you know just just sometimes just need a little extra help and so um yeah we've got some
18:00 different components there that we offer but you know we've got a high-end coaching program um russell's
18:06 has in the past he's had a high-end mastermind program he's looking to bring that back um and uh continue to help people
18:13 who are just again you know we focus a lot of entrepreneurs uh small businesses typically um
18:21 people you know some people have desire to to bring a spousal from work or or they they're looking for a side hustle
18:26 initially then that side hustle also now turns into a full-time gig and and uh you know it's kind of cool we
18:31 recognize you know we have an annual conference funnel hacking live every year and uh it's really kind of cool thing we
18:38 recognize all those businesses who've generated a million dollars or more using our software and we're we're now over a thousand a
18:44 thousand entrepreneurs who've who have hit that mark who have applied and who've received that we call it a two comma club award and
18:51 i've got my kind behind me i've got a 10x award and when we when clickfunnels hit 10 million dollars you know we kind of were doing
18:58 that but we've got i mean we've got we've got that award now we've got what we call a 2c award which is
19:04 you know 100 million or more and we've got i don't know how many people have hit that it's just it's been an amazing amazing
19:10 journey to see these entrepreneurs who are helping people and and health and fitness or uh one of our
19:16 guys in our coaching program he ships his businesses shipping cars around you know around the country and he just hit a million
19:22 dollars in that business just recently and it's just it's just really really cool to see
19:28 um the impact that again you think is just simple software but to see like what that's doing now
19:34 it's again it's freeing freeing people from from maybe jobs they hate or again bringing a spouse or loved
19:40 one home uh from from uh from their jobs and and you know they're making a huge
19:45 impact in their lives in the communities that they that they work around so it's been pretty amazing you know and
19:51 there are a lot of amazing products and and it is cool to hear all the different stories um
19:57 you know i i've suggested to a lot of people you know even if you never plan on using click funnels if you want probably the
20:05 best marketing course i've ever been through you've got to go to one funnel away
20:10 you've got to take that course and so i mean that's just one aspect of something you guys offer that i i think it's amazing and
20:19 you know the whole the whole idea around the books that he has as well um in fact
20:25 there is two people i suggested this week you know get expert secrets because there's so much to learn
20:31 from it because you're looking at all those different things and i guess from your aspect of it from
20:37 being on the inside tell me about some of those experiences you look at some of those
20:43 stories and you know what have been some of the because i know a lot of them are public
20:51 what are some of the what's probably the best success story that you can share
20:57 you know um i'd probably say uh you know brandon and Katelyn Poulin uh
21:03 they were part of russell's inner circle program but you know they launched a business called Lady Boss i mean here's here's here's uh Katelyn
21:10 who you know it had been you know a little overweight and uh you know wasn't feeling good about her
21:16 life and where she was at and uh decided to you know get in shape and and she was competing in
21:22 in you know lifting competitions and whatnot and and they built this amazing brand where
21:27 they've and they've helped empower and not only a brand but a community of of folks you know they've
21:32 uh they've helped you know this takes take people on this weight loss journey and and then they've added you know
21:39 supplements they've added uh shakes and a whole bunch of other things that they've added they've just built an amazing amazing
21:45 business and we're just we're fortunate to be part of you know just a little part of their journey they did the work you know we we had the
21:52 software tool again with click funnels but but they jumped in there and they they worked hard i mean 
21:57 i think that's the thing is it's interesting to see kind of a lot of people that i see russell attracts the people come
22:03 come and want to work with russell and and our company it's you know and i think our community
22:09 is second to none i think we've got uh amazing people um alex and leila
22:14 Hormozi are is in the couple you know they help gym owners so a lot of times you know they're helping jim you know a lot of independent gyms
22:20 you know they're just they're it's it's tough it's competitive out there how do they make money and and
22:26 um alex and layla you know created a system a process of how to help coach gym owners
22:31 and help helping be able to generate more revenue for their gyms and i mean they just they've just taken off
22:36 they have had tremendous tremendous success um they have you know they've it's kind of
22:43 cool last year we actually created a special award uh for people who give the most and they
22:48 got we call it um they got a two two columns of heart award
22:53 which you know recognizes people who've given i think they did a million dollars or more to like some after school program in in los
22:59 angeles area i think who who you know who had helped him it would help alex you know when he was a kid
23:05 uh be a place of refuge and a place of safety and so they did something like that like
23:10 that's that's probably the coolest part of what we get to do is you know we've been involved in in uh different charities like
23:16 operation underground railroad uh has been a great group that we've worked closely with and
23:22 that russell felt i mean just a lot of like interaction kind of came and put russell
23:27 in in place to help those guys uh village impact is another great great group that we work with they're
23:32 based out of canada and they help build schools in in kenya specifically right now there's
23:38 these these people who are displaced to govern you know they they're in areas and because of war and other issues they don't they're kind of
23:44 homeless and so the government goes and kind of just gets this plot of land and puts these people in the land well
23:49 um you know you know a village impact they go to help build schools so that there's a they build a community
23:56 right there around a school and the government says if you build if someone can build a school we'll supply teachers and so
24:01 it's just i mean really cool partnerships that we've been a part of that every funnel any sales funnel that that
24:06 is launched to click funnels a dollar is is given to village village impact and again super grateful to be able to help
24:13 support them with millions of dollars in in for their cause and again operating operation underground railroad
24:19 just uh just amazing though to to see you know how again we're when we start
24:25 as a software company but to see the impact that goes beyond business and beyond you
24:30 know what what we're doing there to help people all around the world
24:35 you know and as you talk about that i'm thinking about that impact that
24:41 you know lady boss yeah it was it was more than the software it was the
24:48 things that they learned through through you guys as well and i mean i remember hearing that story
24:55 they they were on their last i'm heading out to i think it was new mexico for christmas
25:00 with not even enough money to get home launched the funnel before they left and 25:05 everything's history now yeah that's crazy that's really cool um
25:11 you know and i guess that's one of the things i want the listeners to realize is as they look at these things
25:17 there's so much to learn from you guys um from the software side of it to
25:23 like i said with one funnel away it's probably the best marketing program i've ever i've ever we're up for a hundred bucks
25:29 for a hundred dollars yeah 30 days like hand holding tech support it is pretty amazing and i'm grateful i
25:36 get to help uh you know the coaches and Shane Larson helps run the One Funnel Away Challenge i get to work closely
25:42 with those guys too and it's it's pretty amazing you know but you know again look at your business as a front-end offer you know we went
25:49 from a five-day lead challenge with russell teaching people businesses how to generate leads and essentially for free and then and then
25:55 you know taking the one fun way challenge and then again we're hoping that we've made a great enough impact that people are like
26:00 man yeah let's jump in that software let's get let's get going right but you know like i was on a
26:07 mastermind call last week and a lady was trying to get some advice on
26:14 some of the things she was doing and you know it was just some of the processes you guys have in place as well
26:19 i opened up um funnel scripts one of your other programs and walked
26:26 her through you know the the perfect webinar outline and how to go through things like that and how to work through a sale and
26:33 whatnot i i'd be interested in here one if you were there and tell us about it but obviously
26:41 russell's marketing is exceptional and he's got a process to it tell tell our audience about
26:49 being at the Grant Cardone's 10x conference yeah when he when he set the record
26:55 there yeah uh that was uh that was pretty cool we uh
27:00 we hadn't hadn't done anything like that before and anyways russell gets his invitation to to speak
27:06 um at nutanix conference and it was in here in the year the 2018 2019 um
27:13 and it was in las vegas at mandalay bay and they've got that arena right there and we we heard that
27:20 they were they had a goal of having 9 000 people and we're like man that's crazy like you can't can't even believe that like
27:27 you know we're again russell's he's spoken in front of audiences but like never 9 000 people uh in one room and uh yeah
27:35 you know the days showed up and we you know again we we didn't quite know what to do but i thankfully i was able to be down there
27:40 for that event and help help work that we kind of brought you know a bunch of some team members down there
27:46 and uh i remember sitting there in the audience and i was actually i was helping um you know with different
27:53 sales areas and and uh i was taking order forms and we had stuff we were shipping or giving people when they signed up and
27:59 i was in the back areas the the vip section on the floor kind of just like
28:04 center on the stage but kind of behind and russell i mean he was just like he's he
28:10 spoke one of the best presentations by far and uh you know people recognize that they
28:16 needed they needed this tool they needed clickfunnels uh based on on the the experience that
28:21 we're also sharing and and uh what we were what we were able to do for small businesses and entrepreneurs and
28:26 and how you can you mentioned some of the different programs that we that we have and uh i mean it was just this crazy
28:32 flood of of of people after he finished speaking people were you know there was like four or five different tables in that
28:38 arena like and uh people were coming to all the tables and had you know they were you know part of
28:44 the thing though too is we recognize that man like again we love we love having a physical order form
28:49 and uh you know a lot of the speakers we're just gonna do something digital like you know just pull up the phone and you know go to the site and click click
28:55 uh you know click buy that we're kind of old school that way we believe in like man when people get an order form hand
29:01 the order form in and so we did we asked we get permission we we had we did like 9 000 placement of like
29:07 these little these little bags like it's a little kind of string bags that we we put an order form in each of the
29:12 bag we put a pen we put like i think like a mouse pad or something else yeah and we and we the night before
29:18 we had we brought a team in we said we set one with bags on every chair in the whole arena
29:24 so like it was already set so when people came they had this kind of gift from us anyways but inside the gift was a pen and an
29:30 order form included and so when russell the call to action you know fill this order form take it to
29:35 one of my tables whatever um people had it and uh it was just it was incredible and you
29:41 know we were running out of books and i had books downtown you know down where i was at we started closing booths because we had
29:47 russell's doing like a photo op too after you're done if you buy it jump in line and take a picture the photo like the photo line wrapped
29:53 around like the kind of mean concourse arena and i thought bad because people speaking after russell
29:59 like there were so many people out there where you get pictures like it was this awkward and i'm i'm hauling books like from the floor
30:05 up to one of the other booths when people were trying to get their their the books that we brought with them i mean it was it was insane but yeah i
30:12 think like 3.3.9 million or something in like 90 minutes or something like just just freaking insane jeff like to see to
30:20 see that like i mean he was he was again his his i was on he had he had a great audience there i
30:26 mean grant did a great job obviously people that were there and and uh russell just he just killed it
30:32 that's awesome and and you know what one of the things with clickfunnels if you're listening
30:37 and thinking well i don't own a software company um i mean i don't own an online company
30:44 this is the thing they teach you to they've got the brick and mortar funnels they they can teach you anything you want if
30:50 you're a business there's an opportunity to look at click funnels and use this so
30:55 that's really cool um no i i just really appreciate i've uh i guess taken a step back
31:04 i when i talked to you a week or so ago about doing this the reason that um 31:11 i contacted you about this was i was talking to my son that's 18 and talking to him about the importance
31:17 of the people he meets and the opportunities it's going to create throughout his life and stuff i guess that's one thing i'd like to
31:24 hear you talk about obviously you've shared how you met russell and the influence it's had and the direction that's given
31:30 in your life but talk a little bit about you know that topic and what you think on it
31:36 yeah you know that's that's that's it's it's funny you know in our in our church we kind of have this this program where
31:42 it's you know you get to kind of help minister just you know meet people in your congregation and and it happened to be one of those
31:48 things where i was i was asked or invited to to meet with russell and his family when when we met
31:54 back in in 2004 2005 and uh you know i i definitely have a great um
32:01 love for that program as a result i mean i wouldn't i wouldn't be where i'm at and and so you know again
32:07 god or some other higher power um you know i we were i was led led to russell and and
32:13 life-changing as a result of that right but but i think you know i i attribute a lot of success sometimes
32:19 just i mean being the right place right time but also you know working hard and being just being a good person but you know i i always
32:26 ask questions of people and find out you know when i was even serving my my mission for the church too
32:32 you know we had an opportunity to have dinner appointments and i always like made purpose to ask you know ask the people you know what
32:38 they did for work what they what they loved and what they didn't love about what they did you know i thought one point i mean i wanted to go into into law and then you know
32:45 hearing from people's perspective i'm like man i don't want to i don't want to go to law school and and have to get out and work 160 hours a
32:52 week and do all the grunt stuff like that um but again like you know i i i was
32:58 invited to meet with russell i didn't had no idea what he was doing and and uh just developed a friendship
33:04 there and in it again life-changing um but i can attribute that to
33:10 man you know being the right you know really part of being the right place right time and and uh but also you know working hard
33:17 and uh you know looking to serve people i think that uh you know my relationship initially when
33:24 russell was first asking me to come and help him with some stuff i was like oh no yeah you know you're good like i i um but you know it was cool
33:32 i just remembered too as you were talking about that uh we there was a time when we my wife and i um just found out we're pregnant our
33:38 first with our first kid and um we were we were going to um it was joe's crab shack here in
33:44 in boise and uh we were we were kind of celebrating just kind of go out on a date
33:50 and we were actually we've been waiting out in the in the foyer for a while and finally they called our table and and uh right
33:57 before they call our table russell his wife walked in and it just happened walking the same time
34:02 and so anyway we're kind of making small talk with them and then our table are called so we left and we sat down and there was actually we
34:08 were at a table for four it was just the two of us and so i just said to amber i'm like hey like she just go see those other guys
34:15 you know one can eat and we're like she's like yeah let's do that so i just went around to the floor he said
34:20 you guys want to come sit with us because we got a table before and and uh you know it's just kind of again those those little things in life that
34:28 wasn't planned it wasn't expected and and you know part of that friendship was just i just want you know we were
34:33 just friends and that's how that's how our relationship started so again i think is this man just being being a friend to somebody
34:40 you know you just never know you never know how you might be able to impact them or they impact you and and uh just i think that just goes
34:48 to i think you know i think that's your community jeff is i mean that's how you are and um i think that
34:55 again you're a good person i feel like you know opportunities open up and you're you're honest with people and
35:01 and uh you know it's kind of kind of funny when we hear russell tell the story we were there and we were we thought we were pregnant we were
35:07 excited we were like oh man like i don't know if we're ready for this and and you know unbeknownst to us you know
35:12 they were they've been really actually really having a hard time getting pregnant and it was you know so so you're wrestling he makes
35:18 fun of me because i'm like oh gee we're expecting a baby and he was like
35:24 inside they're like both like crying because they're like trying you know it wasn't happening for
35:29 them and but thankfully it did and and actually um our son carter was born
35:34 uh beginning of December and their their twin boys were born just a week later and so you know we've been we've been able to
35:40 again we've our families are close friends we do usually do a trip a family trip together with them every
35:45 year we just got back in spring break we did you know Disney world and Disney universal studios and did
35:51 um you know we were on on the coast in Florida together for spring break and we've we've done Hawaii with together
35:58 and and uh just been fun to to you know our families how again this this this friendship has just
36:04 impacted again our lives we've really you know it's been pretty amazing that's awesome
36:09 you know as you're talking about that um so i i need you to make a connection for me
36:16 so brent's got a brother that he's actually been on the podcast with me as well and he's got his own podcast
36:22 um the Vegas therapist and he had him he had colette and amber
36:28 on and that was an awesome podcast to listen to the wives
36:34 talk about their experience with these two entrepreneurs taking this journey so
36:39 yeah that as you were talking about that i i remembered that podcast that Ryan
36:44 had done and that was really interesting to listen to those two give their perspective on it
36:49 so no it's it's really cool to hear that and you know it is it's you know what you can do for other
36:56 people and who you can spend your time with it's gonna make all the difference in the world
37:02 and it's it's really cool to see you know we we can probably both attest
37:09 coming from small town Raymond Alberta um
37:14 you never want to leave Raymond Alberta but there's opportunities to get out and do
37:19 things and it's really cool to see what you've been able to accomplish and
37:24 the difference you're making in a lot of lives and really appreciate everything you're doing so thanks for
37:30 being with me today because this has been really cool catching up with you and talking with you and hearing your story
37:37 you bet no i appreciate appreciate the invitation and uh yeah we we you know we we come from from
37:43 good roots you know just yeah i was with my math teacher in junior high and and uh his brother Shawn a good buddy of mine
37:49 too and and uh yeah it's again you know it's been fortunate
37:54 um i i you know i feel like lucky every day i count my blessings and uh i think that
38:01 um again it's been been an amazing ride and excited for the future
38:06 awesome well good luck with that i'm i'm excited to see where it goes thanks so much
38:31 you 2:05:45 

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