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Million Dollar Speaker - Eileen Wilder

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The Jeff Heggie Show #36
Million Dollar Speaker
Eileen Wilder


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Eileen Wilder is a Best Selling Author and Business Consultant, helping entrepreneurs do 6 & 7 figure days with virtual events.

She was a Pastor for over two decades, and she and her family were used to living on very humble means.

That all changed one day, when she found a way to make more money in a day than she was use to making in an entire year!

Despite the fact that she use to be deathly afraid of public speaking, she is now one of the highest paid speakers on the planet!

She is called by major industry leaders, “The Queen of Stages.” She has spoken on stages with Russell Brunson, Tony Robbins and Dan Kennedy.

Clients pay more than $55,000 for just one VIP Day with Eileen. Where she will help them go from losing money to doing $30,000 to 4500,000 in ONE day with her “One Day Cash Machine.”

When you listen to her teach, you will immediately recognize that she is one of the most masterful communicators and teachers you have ever heard.

If you’re ready to have more impact, more income, and most of all – more FUN! Don’t miss this episode of The Jeff Heggie Show with Eileen Wilder!

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