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The Billion Dollar Cowboy - Bart Miller

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The Jeff Heggie Show #23
The Billion Dollar Cowboy
Bart Miller


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When it comes to business, Bart has done it all. He started working in the corporate world with international businesses only to discover he loves being a full-time entrepreneur and online business owner. In fact, Bart has been in the online business and digital marketing space for the past 15 years. He built several of his own, 7-figure online businesses from $0 with his wife, Sunny, and helps others do the same, year after year.

Bart Miller is one of the leading thinkers in the social media, public relations, and communications industries. His online learning community, Go Fast Web Academy, helps individuals and businesses understand, develop, and use social media and social media marketing strategies in an ever-changing, ever-competitive social world. He is also a noted public speaker and a social media keynote speaker.

One of the most in-demand social media speakers in the space, Miller has spoken internationally and nationally and is known for his engaging style, humor, brutal honesty, and for adding value to each audience’s experience. He is an educator, consultant and professional speaker and can be found online at, consistently rated number one for his speaking events.

Mr. Miller has the unique perspective of having lead an internationally acclaimed online makeup school's interactive and social media efforts, as well as serving as an independent consultant in the social media industry. He has advised major, regional, and niche brands including the TriMega Purchasing Association, Robert Jones Beauty Academy, and Kent Derricott.

Miller's aggressive approach to social media has produced innovative online educational programs, such as Go Fast Video Academy. Go Fast Video academy is a unique video marketing system that combines solid, white-hat SEO principles to change the way small businesses and/or entrepreneurs look at video and how they can use it to drive effective traffic to their products and services.

Mr. Miller is an experienced professional in small and large business transformations, including web marketing, marketing plans, strategy development, revenue growth, sustainable cost reduction and business process redesign. Mr. Miller has worked with companies throughout the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Japan.

Specialties: Social media speaker, public speaker, social media training, social media education, interactive strategy, online communications strategy, social media planning, social networking counsel, blog development and implementation, media relations, public relations, public affairs, communications strategies, online video, video SEO, YouTube, YouTube SEO, YouTube strategies, video marketing, online educational websites, and web marketing.

Bart has been Jeff's Accountability Coach since 2021. (I Do Epic Accountability)

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