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Clayton Echard - 180 Degrees

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The Jeff Heggie Show #44
Clayton Echard - 180 Degrees


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Clayton Echard is a former collegiate & professional athlete, who played on the Seattle Seahawks, was a former lead on ABC's The Bachelor, and is an advocate for fitness & mental health. Clayton has appeared on a variety of talk shows including Jimmy Kimmel, Live with Kelly & Ryan, and has been interviewed by People Magazine, Men’s Health, E!News and others. Passionate about sharing his experience struggling with mental health issues,

Clayton's public speaking profile includes appearances at an array of events across the United States, targeting discussions amongst youth and covering a variety of highly unspoken mental health issues, such as; Self-Awareness/Mindfulness, Body Dysmorphia, Cyberbullying, Toxic Masculinity and Suicidal Ideation.

Clayton's words of wisdom: Make time every day to improve upon your physical and mental wellness.

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In this episode of The Jeff Heggie Show, Jeff and Clayton talk about things ranging from  his football career, his experience being The Bachelor, mental health, and more. If you're a fan of The Bachelor, you probably know who Clayton is and his story from the show. This is a great opportunity to hear his side of the story and what life has been like since his season.


Every person to walk this planet has experienced loneliness, doubt, and darkness. But the moments that define our lives beg the question: will we continue to walk in loneliness, doubt, and darkness or will we slowly make a turn, one degree at a time, and pursue the light?

180 Degrees is about what it means to make that turn. It’s not an easy process. And it’s definitely not an overnight process. But it is a process that leads to life, and the complete opposite of those three aforementioned words. Join me in this book as we turn away from darkness, and run toward the place where light resides.

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Clayton Echard The Bachelor on The Jeff Heggie Show
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