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Spirit Nature Art & Stories with Jennifer Wynder

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Spirit Nature Art & Stories
Jennifer Wynder

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"Adventure", "Creativity", "Fun" & "Family" These are some of my favorite words! Put them all together and there is no telling what might happen!

In this episode of Daily Success Strategies, Jeff Heggie interviews Jennifer Wynder:

Jennifer is a campground owner, entrepreneur, family coach, adventurer, foster mom and believer in fairies! But her favorite role is wife and mother

She has been a mom officially for 26 years. But she has been dreaming of being a mom her whole life!

The adventure of raising her own 3 children and the many others who have been in her home has taught her to laugh everyday and alway look for the magic!

A few years ago, between foster care placements and as her own children were starting to talk about heading out on their own adventures she began gathering the lessons she had learned along the way. And SNAS was born!

Of course she needed a place for it to grow and develop - Tree Houses were just a bonus!

She now travels from Alberta to New Brunswick every spring to open and run Miramichi Treehouse & Camping Adventures and back to Alberta in the fall to focus on her family and coach other families in growing strong bonds and connections through Spirit, Nature, Art & Stories.

She is a true believer that life is to be lived and enjoyed, every stage is an adventure and our families should be our most favorite people to take on the journey!

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