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The Confident Athlete: Elite Mental Game Strategies

Saturday, December 02, 2023

Are you ready to harness the strategies that elite athletes and coaches follow to perform at the highest level? Join mental game coaches, Jeff Heggie and Tami Matheny, on an empowering journey to become the athlete you dream of being. Athletes, coaches, and parents of athletes, discover the game-changing power of how your mindset can transform your sports performance.

Start this incredible journey towards achieving your athletic goals with our special offer! You have the exclusive opportunity to experience a risk-free, no-obligation 14-day trial of The Confident Athlete Program, coupled with The Mental Strength Success Secrets for FREE! This isn't just another trial; it's your passport to unlocking the mental game tools to help you master your sport. Dive into this transformative program without any risks or commitments. Join us today and embrace the power of elite-level coaching, empowering resources, that will help you to build unwavering confidence. 

Empower Your Game with The Confident Athlete Program

Within the 14-day trial of The Confident Athlete Program you'll have full access to the entire membership area, including the Success Path which includes the 4 easy steps to build and maintain confidence.  This program includes the tools and resources you need to elevate your mental game, play with confidence, and unlock your athletic potential.

The Mental Strength Success Secrets

Talk the Talk: Elevate Your Self-Talk
Master your inner dialogue and create powerful self-talk. Delve into 20 powerful strategies designed to refine your self-talk, fostering resilience and a winning mindset.

Walk the Walk: Confident Body Language
Explore assertive body language exercises crafted by our expert coaches. Implement 20 purposeful techniques to project confidence, dominance, and self-assurance, essential qualities of a high-performing, confident athlete.

See It, Be It: Pre-Game Visualization Power
Utilize visualization scripts to prime your mind for success. Everything is created twice, first in your mind and then in reality. Our visualization scripts help you to clearly see yourself performing at your best.

Preparation Checklist: Confidence is Being Prepared
Prepare with precision using the comprehensive checklist designed by our mental game coaches. Covering physical readiness to mental preparedness, this blueprint ensures you perform at your peak under any circumstances.

The 7-Levels Deep Exercise: Discover Your True Why to Achieve Your Goals
Go through the powerful process to discover your personal why behind your goals. This will help you to uncover your core motivation and help you to stay laser focused on your goals.

Moreover, as a member of The Confident Athlete Program, you'll have exclusive access to live monthly group coaching calls with both Jeff and Tami. Dive into the Expert Series, where Jeff and Tami interview high-level athletes, including Olympians and World Champions. Benefit from a specialized module for Parents and Coaches, new mental strength resources that are added each month, and personal development training, enhancing your growth and success journey.

Ready to Embrace Sports Mastery? Visit to access this exclusive, risk-free offer and mental game resources. 

Join Us on the Path to Athletic Excellence!

Empower yourself or your aspiring athlete with the ultimate gift of mental resilience and unwavering confidence this holiday season.

You work hard to try to gain an edge over your competition. Your mental game could very well the the tool that makes all the difference. Why wouldn't you give it a try  for FREE and with no obligation or commitment to remain beyond your free trial.

Maximize Your Athletic Potential Today!

NOTE: You may cancel at any time before the end of your free trial of The Confident Athlete Program and you Will NOT be charged. Plus, even if you cancel, you get to keep The Mental Strength Success Secrets forever!

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Jeff Heggie

Success Coach

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