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The Confident Athlete Newsletter #03 - November 2023

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Jeff Heggie and Tami Matheny have shared some incredible resources with the members of The Confident Athlete Program. In this newsletter we share some of those tools and resources so that you can start implementing them today. We also share our Most Incredible FREE Gift Ever!

November Confidence Calendar

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Powerful Self-Talk

Talking the talk is simply your self-talk, which is the first step to confidence. Anytime you think about something, you are "talking to yourself." Your self-talk (thoughts) directly impacts the other 3 steps to confidence. Before taking the next steps, you need to first make sure your self-talk lays a strong foundation. How you talk to yourself is a determining factor of your confidence level. What you way to yourself affects what you think and how you feel... [from The Confident Athlete]

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We Need To Talk About The Ride Home

We only get to do this drive for so long. Let's cherish it, not knowingly (or unknowingly) strip our kid's love of sports.

Mark McKinney is a good friend of ours who has a highly recommended book, The Drive Home

This month we added a great article from Mark to the Parents Module in the membership area which talks about the conversations you have with your athlete after competition. 

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Techniques to Overcome Negativity or Lack of Confidence

Sometimes the most difficult thing about negativity and a lack of confidence is not knowing what to do about it. 

  • ​You can change situation with your body language- imagine a string running through top of your skull and pulling you upright
  • ​Recognize we can change thoughts about ourselves- replace negative pictures then destroy it, burn it to ashes. Make sure the negative picture is gone - now you have room in your picture gallery to replace with positive pictures. You have control over how you think.
  • ​Give voices the same treatment. Give negative voices silly voices. Close the door on those voices. Train self to control voices.
    When you feel waves of negativity conjure up good memories. Visualize a positive memory. Then do a simple action such as pinching your ear or pressing your thumb into your palm. Repeat the thought with the action. The idea is that the thought will become attached to the action.
  • ​Have a happy place in your mind to go to when anxious or lacking confidence
    Imagine pulling emotion out and flicking it over your shoulder
  • ​Look up beyond the horizon. When you look up it breaks the connection to the negativity
  • ​Take 15 second breathes
  • ​Have a person who is the “panic button”- pinch, gently hit, etc. when you feel panicked
  • ​Have an affirmation in the huddle that you all say together
  • ​Use your own personal affirmations- repeat them over and over
  • ​ABC- Always Behave Confidently
  • ​Have a handshake, saying, etc. that brings you closer or lightens the mood- ex. “loosey goosey”
  • ​Use positive talk: "I love this sport!", "This is fun!", "I enjoy playing!" etc.
  • ​Another way to relax is to sing (in a very low voice) or hum your favorite song in between points.
  • ​Recall a time when you played very well and were happy with your game.

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How to Help Your Student Athlete

Parents want the best for their children and they want to see them succeed. But sometimes it's hard to know what to do. Here are some suggestions to help you out.

This month we added some valuable tips for parents to help them interact with their student athlete, along with the characteristics of a positive and productive parent.

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The Mental Game:
Academics & Athletics

Jeff Heggie, Tami Matheny, Tony Miglio, and Jackie Pollina talk about the mental game and how it applies to both sports and academics.

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Comparison is the thief of Confidence

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The mental game is just as important as the physical game!

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