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The Confident Athlete Newsletter #05 - January 2024

Monday, January 15, 2024

The Confident Athlete Program Newsletter

Jeff Heggie and Tami Matheny have shared some incredible resources with the members of The Confident Athlete Program. In this newsletter we share some of those tools and resources so that you can start implementing them today. We also share our Most Incredible FREE Gift Ever!

January Confidence Calendar

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How To Conquer Your Goal 

Tami Matheny

December 2nd, 2023 marked a year to the day that I found myself in the ER with a collapsed lung. This was after 40 hours of focusing on nothing more than taking the next breath. A year removed, I found myself with tears of joy as I completed the last few miles of a century bike ride.

​It had been a long, long, challenging journey. A 100-mile bike ride had been a goal of mine for several years but due to injuries, bad weather, bad planning, and then the collapsed lung, I started to question if I would ever complete it. This proved to be a greater block than the collapsed lung, once I was cleared to resume cycling late spring. Training was hard. My lungs were noticeably struggling. It wasn’t fun. I had lost my endurance and my passion. I started questioning if I really had the mindset anymore (I have always prided myself on my ability to eventually overcome whatever I set my mind to).

Igniting The Next Generation

Tami and Jeff are both speaking in the Igniting the Next Generation: Elevate virtual summit. Join the summit for FREE at

​Click below to listen to Tami talk about The Comparison Gap and Jeff on Daily Success Habits.

The Comparison Gap

Daily Success Habits

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How to Deal with Pressure & Anxiety as an Athlete

We recently posted a list of techniques athletes can use to deal with pressure and anxiety in The Confident Athlete Program membership area and linked it to some training on the subject.

Some of the techniques on the list include using the W.I.N. formula (What's Important Now), Visualization, Using Cue Words, and Thinking in Multiple Opportunities.

You can access the full list and training in your membership area below:

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Ali Boma Ye!

Muhammed Ali is a great example of someone that believed in himself.

In the 1974 World Heavyweight Boxing Championship, Rumble in the Jungle, Ali was challenging George Foreman, the reigning World Champion. At age 32, Ali was considered a huge underdog to the seven years younger Foreman.

Foreman had been crushing all his opponents. No one thought that Ali could beat Foreman. In fact, even Ali’s own trainers and coaches thought that Ali was going to get destroyed against the seemingly unstoppable Foreman.

Before the match, Ali’s dressing room was like a morgue. When Ali noticed that everyone was down, he turned to them and said, “What is the matter with you? Why is everybody so unhappy?”

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Stayed tuned for January ’24 for the athlete version of Challenger Deep featuring another Ali story along with 29 other famous athletes.

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Success = Achievement + Fulfillment

What is success to you?

I recently shared a video in The Confident Athlete Program membership area discussing the critical balance between accomplishing goals and finding genuine fulfillment in your endeavors. 

​Take 5 minutes to watch this video HERE, or if you're a member of The Confident Athlete Program click the button below.

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The mental game is just as important as the physical game!

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