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You Are The Leader of Your Life with Amy P. Kelly

Friday, March 24, 2023

The Jeff Heggie Show #42
Amy P. Kelly - You Are The Leader of Your Life


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Amy believes in people and helps them grow. The “P” in her name stands for her middle name she received from her grandmother Pauline and symbolizes the power on the inside of each person to fulfill their purpose. Amy is the Vice President of Consulting for The Jon Gordon Companies and co-author of The Energy Bus Field Guide a roadmap to fueling your life, work, and team with positive energy. Her work is focused on growth and optimal performance for individuals, teams, and organizations. She was recently published in the Association for Talent Development’s Global TD Magazine “Mindset Shifts for Better HumanPerformanceImprovement”. Her second book G.L.U.E. A Leadership Strategy to Bond and Unite launched in February 2022. 

Amy is a global human resources and talent development executive known for building exceptional talent and cultures, including award-winning employment brands and leadership development programs. As Vice President of HR, she led the HR and talent development function as part of executive teams completing the successful sale of two enterprise technology distribution companies.

Amy is a graduate of the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being Program at George Mason University's Center for the Advancement of Well-Being. She brings over twenty years of experience in human resources, learning and development, business development, and coaching to her work focused on developing market-leading executives and the organizational cultures required to achieve their objectives.

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Amy designs and implements change management programs & leadership well-being programs and is the co-creator of the Leading Well leadership program, a holistic, systems thinking approach to the practice of effective leadership and personal wellness.

She believes in being involved with other professionals that are passionate about doing great work in their field and is an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management and completed the SHRM Foundation Veterans at Work Certificate Program. She also maintains certifications through HRCI and is a contributor to their Alchemizing HR What's Next Series with a session entitled “How HR Leaders Can build a Leadership Development Culture”.

She is a global facilitator for the Association for Talent Development ATD in the areas of Improving Human Performance, Change Management, Human Performance Improvement, and Training. Amy is a Gallup Strengths Trained Coach and certified in leadership and EQ programs.

You can find Amy believing in people and partnering to build high-performing leaders and organizations in all aspects of life, whether at home with her husband and four children (18 year old boy/girl twins, 14 and 13 year old sons), in her community, or in businesses all over the world. It is her passion to believe in people and work alongside them to drive performance at the highest levels possible.


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